VAT impact analysis

The implementation of VAT is part of Bahrain’s commitment to The Unified Agreement for Value Added Tax of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, which was signed by all GCC member states in 2016. It is an indirect tax charged on consumption and is...

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VAT on services by Banks in Bahrain

Certain services typically performed by banks and similar organisations in connection with the operation of current, deposit or savings accounts.  Services of operating bank accounts might notably include the following: Provision of debit cards Provision of cheque...

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Import Export under Bahrain VAT

Conditions for export of service under VAT Export of services will attract a zero rate of VAT provided all of the following conditions are met: The customer receiving the service does not have a place of residence in Bahrain. The customer must not be present in...

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VAT on Barter exchange in Bahrain

Barter Exchange is a system of exchange where participants in a transaction exchange goods or services for other goods or services instead of using money as a mode of consideration. Barter exchange may include an exchange of goods in return of services, exchange of...

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Registration by non-resident in Bahrain

A non-resident person is a person who does not have a place of residence in Bahrain by way of a place of business, fixed establishment or a usual place of residence, as defined by the VAT Law. If you are a non-resident taxable person, you must register for VAT in...

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VAT on samples and gifts distributed

  The aim of this article is to understand the applicability of VAT on gifts distributed or samples given free of cost in Bahrain. The Taxable Person is deemed to have performed a Supply where the Taxable Person deducts the Input Tax relating to the Goods and Services...

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